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23 December 2009

Green triangle cowl scarf yellowish green grass green soft warm cozy fall autumn winter fashion

I hand-knitted this beautiful capelet with great love and care. Please see photos to see how meticulously it has been knitted. You will get many compliments wearing this luxurious capelet which you can use any time of the day. I always choose the yarns and colors that will keep you and your soul warm.

16 May 2009

Add us to your favorites all have a lot of etsy members. Here we have reached the number in 1001. 1000 was even more striking in our hearts we have with us. Thank you.

17 April 2009

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Fp by sicmosaic
With this wonderful treasury that were sicmosaic fp. We would like to thank you very much indeed. She can also be included treasury made us proud. Also a great products.

13 April 2009

Met Kris (Kris ile Tanıştık)

Kris'e ait dükkan ilk günden itibaren dikkatimizi çekiyordu .Ürünlerin kalitesi , fotoğrafların görüntüsü muhteşemdi. Kendisi ile tanışarak bu güzel günü resimledik.Kris'in güzel dükkanı

25 March 2009

Purple Colors Scarf with Brooch

Pink Rose Color Blended Scarf

Brown Green Grey Cream Colors Blended Scarf

Brown Cotton Vest and Shrug ALL SEASONS

Red Flag Curly Pompon Scarf

Cream Capelet Orange Blossom Brooch

Caramel Beautiful Shrug

Grey Lurex Shrug

Virgin Casmira Wool Caramel Shrug with Blossom Brooch

Colors Blended Cream Caramel Grey Shrug

Purple Pink Colors Mercerized Cotton Thread Shrug ALL SEASONS Shawl